June 18, 2022

Love over evil, always

Love over evil, always

GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

You’re Beautiful; Keep GROWing in God Daily

Hanging from the rafters in the basement of the Lighthouse

Whatever evil happened here, that has caused Spirits to remain here, I beam Light, the Love of God

Sow Love, I GROW

Kings and Queens,

The Unseen Battle of The Spiritual Warfare 
Be not distracted or dismayed

       Rejoice in the Lord, GROW every day

      We are under a  Spiritual Attack designed to Deflect and Distract us from our God-given purpose;
through God which is Love we are connecting

Beware of the Spiritual Warfare, the Unseen Battle;      GROW over it and We’ll all come out on Top💫💞