April 2, 2021

Trust God... Really

Trust God... Really

GROW.  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

It is a blessing, a beautiful surprise to wake up to everyday - GROW and to see us now
          GROWing in 36 Countries!

I am Humbled as we GROW.  I teach us what #God commands and that is to Love.  Along with helping us Rise and overcome Oppression all Around the World GROW is making a difference in Africa.

As Slaves were shipped all over the World to build the World through the Transatlantic Slave trade, Africa was raided of Gold and Minerals and because of Greed and Evil the people are starving.
No other reason.

GROW is here to Fix that.  Just as I put up Beautiful pictures of Beautiful places that Africans were shipped to, to be Slaves, the Motherland has continued to suffer and deteriorate.  That is coming to an end.
There is a Force behind GROW that is Greater than the Evil of this World.  The Force that launched the GROW Movement;
God and the Beloved Ancestors.

Our Time is Now.  It is time to GROW.