June 29, 2021

Think of all the Beauty around you and Be Happy

Think of all the Beauty around you and Be Happy
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Be Happy by Pharrell was playing on my phone as I was headed to my destination to record tonight.  I had not touched the phone, it did it on its own.

“Think of all the Beauty around you and Be Happy.”

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” 

Both Beautiful quotes by the legend and Queen Anne Frank. She went through a life of such evil yet she lifted the World. Pray it Forward in Love.  Sow Love and watch Your Harvest GROW.

She died at 15 a victim of the Holocaust.  I tremble as I type, In her agony, her daily pain, she Lifted the World!  Her shoulders I stand on, I will honor her in God, 

As I change my name this year, removing Hunt, I will carry Frank for Anne Frank the Legend and Queen who lost her young life to the evil here.

She loves this picture.  In front of a book.  The Spirits are not resting and they are not sleep while the evil is up doing.

Anne Frank’s father hoped that his daughters diary would help the World to realize the dangers of
#discrimination, #racism, and 
Love not hate will 
          make the World Great 

Anne Frank’s legacy continues.

God Bless
the Spirit and the Legacy which is 
                   Anne Frank; that is all of Us💞