GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

Ministering to your mind to help you overcome Oppression and changing your mindset and the way you think about yourself, your family and community. If you have any struggles that you are dealing with (and we all have them), then this is the podcast for you! GROW is a Drug Rehab Program, a Movement AND a Ministry all in one! GROW mends your mind and heart and through the pure spirits of the Ancestors.

I have an in-depth "down to earth" conversation on who and what is truly holding down the African American community. I am Jacqueline Hunt, an ordained Minister, speaker and former radio host. However, this has a different spin on it because I have been plagued with ghosts and spirits all my adult life, only to finally move into a house that I used to dream about. It's unbelievable but true. There are evil spirits in this house as well as good spirits. I am in touch with the good spirit of an African Queen, not a tormented soul but an Ancestor, a true Queen who is showing me SO MUCH. She has transformed me to be humble and quiet while changing my heart, fixing my marriage, mending my family relationships, anything that I need, as long as I live in honor to her and my Ancestors. I love her! I did not know ANYTHING about African Spirituality before moving in this house 6 months ago!

THIS is our African History! How they prayed to the Ancestors who went to God on their behalf. This all has happened over a 3 month period and GROW was born from my meditation with and from my transformation. It was put on my heart to do, I am pushed to do it. I made 83 videos over a 30 day period on Youtube. Now, I am transferring this audio here as well as new things I am learning to teach you about how to make the changes to your mind and heart necessary for you to receive your peace and happiness and come out of Oppression.

I have made peace with slavery but not Oppression. I am not here to make money from this podcast, the Ancestors will and have been taking care of me. Now, she is teaching me about our African Spirituality. The words you hear from me are what the spirits are directing me to say, the pure souls. Through God, she wants you to stop oppressing yourselves because we are 400 years later since the ship docked with our Ancestors in 1619.

We are no longer oppressed and those who afflicted us, those souls ARE being and will be tormented. How do you commit such acts out of hatred and think there will be no judgment?! We have to now change our hearts and our minds and you can have the peace, joy and happiness instead of going through problem after problem, crisis after crisis. Incorporate your African spirituality into your life and watch the beautiful things that manifest! I am compelled to speak out against injustices such as Police Reform where it's needed, Police Brutality, and Oppression. WE are the reparations and we MUST build wealth for ourselves and rebuild our communities. African spirituality is a MUST in your life; we are a spiritual and not religious people. GROW shines light on the ongoing Holocaust of African Americans and the struggles we deal with on a DAILY basis but... GROW has the solutions! Are you ready to GROW? It's been 400 years people, we're not enslaved anymore. It is time to change our hearts, our mindset and begin to build wealth. Let's GROW!