Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom
We are the World
God is Love
Today for Tomorrow Sow Love, GROW Love
over evil
As we Lift One Another, We All Rise
Be the Change to Change the World💫💞


Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom


You are GROW

Top of the day Beautiful people of God Almighty✨💝

 It does not matters our color or religious belief; One Love, we all know how to Love One Blood; Red, Type; GROW Positive 

Love covers Everything and I am very Grateful, Thankful and very appreciative for everyday I see

God saved me from me

God is Love

Love is an action Word

If we Be the Change we can Change the World!

 Life is what You make it!

It’s gonna be a Great day and God Almighty has Blessed everyone of us all, with Life and Life more Abundantly

We are the Authors of our Destiny writing out our Story

We are truly Blessed and Highly favored, a Peculiar People

Someone said to me, ‘Blood is thicker than water’

That may be so, but the Blood is connected to the Water, Blood, Water, Plasma it’s all connected
We are the Water Carriers
Sowers to the World
Regardless of Religion or affiliation we are all affiliated by Love

God is Love


Love and Happiness GROW to Blessings

We are all Born to GROW, in this World but not of this World; as we Yield to God daily, we become transformed by a Renewing of our Minds

’They are leaving here’ God is a Spirit and the Spirit sees all

It is up to Us to Save Us; If we want Change we must Implement it, Now Today, Right now!

Would you want to be somewhere You are not safe?  Right, well Homeschool your Child if they are being bullied, You have that Right!

Suffer not the Children at all, Children are a Gift from God; they are so Wise! All they need is Love and Care to GROW

We were All once Children

We are born to Be Alive, We are born to GROW

Until Genuine equality and Righteousness flow like a Mighty Stream, We carry forth the Dream

Pressing on toward the Mark of the High Calling; God’s Will of Love is done upon this Earth

I am Jacqueline Jimoh, I am host and Director of GROW 

GROW was birthed in a haunted house 2207 ( Two by Two,  Zero without God, 7 for Wisdom)

comes Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

 in the midst of evil where God showed me the evil has No power, evil prevalent but not Relevant, God is in the Atmosphere, in the Quiet, in the midst of the storm

Peace be Still

God is moving, We are GROWing in Love and over the Oppression all over the World.

  Oppression is cruel prolonged treatment and is a derivative of evil which is a derivative of The Oppression now affects everyone, directly, indirectly all over the World

  A Beloved Community is Rising from this Oppression, GROW is beginning to make a difference!   We are GROWing over the Oppression that plagues us under the Sun

Even church has become a form of Oppression. Religion has become to be spun to be about Money and Control

 God is a Spirit and we are Spiritual beings in this Earth, we are passing through, Material things don’t mean Anything, you are going to leave it Boo

Then we give an account

 Condemned souls are all around us, I know; GROW

There is a Spiritual Warfare in Church and around you.  We are Spiritual beings, with Religion being about Money and Control, there is a battle of Good vs Evil


Are you ready to GROW?  Wake up! You are Spiritual not Religious 

We are Judged by the Heart, the Soul can be condemned, I know; GROW I Lived with them

Break free of the Mental chains Conqueror!  You are a Conqueror of God, a Mighty Warrior and are Not to be Defeated until Transition

Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

Pray it Forward in Love, Love is the Key, Really, The World’s Medicine

On this Love 💞, Peace ✌🏽 and Soul 💥 Train formerly the Underground Railroad, now called

The BreaK🚊Through,

 Coming to a city near you

Genuine Equality and Righteousness for all as we head to Greatness in God  

God who Commands us to Love  We are not each other’s Judge or should not a stumbling block be

#LoveNBLoved ; We are Commanded by God to Love, ourselves and each other,

How can you Love God whom you cannot see, if you don’t your Brother, your Sister

 God is a Spiritual being, We are also having a Phenomenal Physical Experience

Some folk you gotta Love from a Distance

Oppression affects all Races, that is no Theory, from a divided time to a United time from fighting and division we are weary

Sow Love, GROW

Control You, in the end, that’s all you can do

Love not hate to make the World Great


Peace be unto You then there GROW Peace God Almighty continues to Bless everyone of us all each day as We GROW in him Amen💫💞


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About the Hosts

Nyiiro Kenneth GodfreyProfile Photo

Nyiiro Kenneth Godfrey

Ambassador to Uganda

I am Blessed Kenny,

A True Son Of An African. I am a Godly Ambassador Of #GROW From UGANDA in East Africa Fighting Oppression And Segretion As We Preach Equal Love And Genuine Equality To Everyone. We Are Here To Remind The World That The Human Race Is One. There is no need to Hate one another. I am also the founder of Born to serve singing Ministries. A young dynamic Growing youth Ministry with Passion for Awakening The Youths potential, helping the needy,. Orphans, widows, old people, and poor people through supporting them with necessities, and organizing charity activities to bring a smile on their faces through evangelism gospel music, Dance and Drama.

Kennedy LejahProfile Photo

Kennedy Lejah

Ambassador to Kenya

I am Kennedy Ododo Lejah. 23 years ago my parents died in a grisly  road accident leaving me a total orphan at the age of 9yrs.   I was left in the hands of a drunkard and irresponsible uncle, going hungry was a norm with my younger sister who was only 5years by then, no food, no clothes, no education.  Life became unbearable and forced me to get to the streets in Eldoret Kenya to find any luck.  I was a street boy for almost  4years, before i got rescued by Mrs Monica a big hearted woman of God whom i respect a lot .  She took me out of the street, reformed me, took me school, buy me clothes and felt i was at home again. I finished my school and by the grace of God got employed at Uasin Gishu Fire department in Eldoret.  Iam happily married to Eveline, have two beautiful daughters Valentine and Beckyjoy.   I have another beautiful daughter whom i adopted from the street after her mum passed on in the street.   She is 3 years old called Tashley, God is good. I started a  ministry under  #GROW organization in Eldoret town mainly dealing with charity missions and street children.  The Ministry is GROWing bigger day by day, though we still don't have enough funding.  Mainly funding this program through our own pockets.  I am appealing for donations, support and prayers.  Any donations can be channelled through #GROW Organization.  Email account I'm a walking testimony of God. 

God did it for me nothing  is impossible before almighty God.  Pray for #GROW Organization to GROW, no situation is permanent God bless you all!

Jacqueline Frank Jimoh GROWProfile Photo

Jacqueline Frank Jimoh GROW

Host and Director of GROW

The Colours of the Rainbow

What does Color have to do with it?
What is the Color of Love

Color me bad in Love
I represent them all, Black & White?

My Sister my Brother,
Black & White we are all Precious in his sight,

from another Mother✨💝
but the same Father God

Sow Love here We GROW

all over the World 💫💞

Wake up, Everybody!

The World won’t get no better if we just let it be, The World won’t get no Better, we got to Change it, yeah You and Me

Somebody told me to Deliver this Message

Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom


I am Jacqueline I am a Conqueror of God Warrior who has been through the Test to tell the Testimony
My Life in the Sunshine

Ordained and called by God all my Life was religious now
Spiritual, One with God

Religion divides people, God is Love and God is a Spirit that you cannot see but can see Thee

We are Spirits having a Physical experience here on Earth
Spiritual Guides guided by forces; Good vs evil

Always Do the Right thing and the Right thing shall follow you

I GROW by the Spirit of God within me, from a Haunted house where evil had no power, Love is the Greatest Power hour after hour

"Love drives out hate" is the message of the Freedom Fighters
Love is the key, really!
If you give a little more than you’re asking for, your Love will turn the key

Everyday we see, evil and hate and oppression
Be the Change to make the World Better No matter where you are you can GROW in Love,
God is Love, God is Good,
Sow Love, GROW Love in every neighborhood

We are God's servants here for one another to help one another to Love one another, we all know how to Love

Love over evil
Love over hate
Love will make the World Great for Tomorrow, Today

for our Children, our Hope
Yesterday is a memory

Sow Love, GROW for a Better Way

Not by Might, not by sight
Not by Power but by Spirit,

Hour after Powerful hour💫💞

GROW is Changing Hearts and Mind and  rebuilding our Communities

As of April 2020, We have now opened a Boarding School in Kenya to house displaced and orphaned children!

God is Love

 Children, our Future,

A Child is God’s Ray of Hope for Tomorrow, Today, Yesterday is a memory, Crime is high because of Oppression, We are the  reparations, it is up to Us to Save us

all of us from evil and hate 

So many ways and Lives that Africans have touched in this Country and around the World, we have never been Lifted, now we shall Lift us all as a People Different skin, One Love, One God who created us

There is only One God, 

Racism and hate speech are not okay, we are All the Same

The Spirit World is Energy, It is real; As an ear and eyewitness to it, Legends go down to Be no more, but they are not Sleep, the Soul is Energy and that Energy has to move,

We moving on, from here

chasing after the next best thing? God

 God is Love

Seek God and God shall be found of thee,

Do the Right Thing in front of Thou and the Right Thing shall follow You

Chase God daily and watch the Blessings flow in

God is within; Spirit Love for our fellow Man to be the Change that the World needs to GROW

If We be the Change, We can Change the World!

 Don’t wait on them, Begin again with You!

 You are GROW✨💝

The Beloved Spirits are not resting an sleep, if the evil spirits are up doing evil, what do you think the Good spirits are doing?  Good vs Evil

Love drives out hate is the message of Dr. King and the Freedom Fighters before me, and That is Wisdom. We have a heavy cross to carry, but it Must be carried:

God Commands us to Love

The Freedom Fighters taught Love, We all are the Civil Rights Movement; by, for and about All People who came together from different nationalities, backgrounds and cultures for the common Good of all

We shall GROW in God daily

Oppression is trauma caused by Chaos, Negativity and Drama, that affects us all 

Finally, I leave you Wisdom;

Peace, Unity and Love, without racism Is our Rallying cry and the catalyst for the Change in this World

The ultimate Goal of the GROW Movement

Who, pray tell, would have a Problem with that?




Sow Love here We GROW💫💞