March 30, 2022

Your Purpose Driven Life is Beyond You

Your Purpose Driven Life is Beyond You
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

GROW As the World Turns
All your hard work All your Life,

You have struggled to earn Goal after Goal with Glowing reviews of You, 
from everyone who Loves you, but,

Where is your Love for you?

Find it Beloved, Find the inner Joy and Happiness and then, You will Draw other Happy People, Don’t try to Fit someone in a Bubble, 

    Eventually, they will 
Pop your Happy Bubble💥

Short of being Physically hurt, there is Nothing anyone can say to me to make me Slap them, but I understand, there was a Time I would,

God had me to GROW

I know who I am in God; A Queen,

I Rose from the dust with labels on me

Stop speaKing Curse words against others and Things, because then, 
You Speak it  over Yourself,

The Tongue is a Mighty Sword, It can speak Life or Death,

 Speak Love over others as well as yourself

Even if we never Speak again, Let God’s Will be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven 
As it was in God’s Plan for our Paths to Cross, as You merge Forward on this Highway of Life, with everything else you don’t forget don’t forget to take Love around with you, then Love shall Surround You

God Bless you as You GROW My Brethren, My Sistren Daily in Him💫💞

It’s a lot of You’s because it’s All about You✨💝