March 22, 2021

You Represent God, Conqueror

You Represent God, Conqueror
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GROW.  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

#Joe Biden is a Movement by himself, but he doesn't yet know we are GROWing all over the World.
Shout out to the UK I Love you, Keep GROWing in God
I see You New York, I Love you, Keep GROWing in God
I never know Day to Day how I am moved by the Ancestors.
The Spirits are not resting, 
They move through me.  They made me aware of them in a haunted house because I was terrified and scared of ghosts.  I used to drink but I Quit drinking for a number of Reasons.  My Godly walk of course but also, I wanted to be sober if I saw and heard ghosts, which I did.  I quit drinking also so that I am able to hear the Good Spirits and get the Wisdom.  Alcohol is a portal to Evil and it leads to Stinking Thinking.  

Religion is about Money and Control.  Who wants to be Caught up in the Spiritual Warfare in the Church?  Who got 10% to give somebody every pay period?  Who wants to be told what to do, how to dress, how to act?  Be you but be You in God!  Come out of the Chaos, Negativity and Drama!  It is free to hear the Good News; Love of and about God.  We are judged by the Heart and are Commanded to Love one another.  

African Spirituality is Incredible.  Yes, it's everything Godly, Everything beautiful.  You are Beautiful.  You are GROW💞!

Keep GROWing in God!
Cover Art by Dilpreet Singh 💞