Dec. 23, 2020

You are Royalty. Think like it, Look like it and Act like it

You are Royalty.  Think like it,  Look like it and Act like it
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GROW.      Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

This is your daily Sunday morning service.  Your daily Word without the Church Foolishness.  I am an Ordained Minister and have been for years.  I Do Not play when it comes to God.

 You know how you couldn't wait to hear the Pastor speak?  You had to Sit through all the Church announcements, people laughing and talking, babies crying, people up walking holding up the Finger, hugging folks that you know Can't stand you for whatever reason (Church demons) the tithes and offerings and All the Church Foolishness?  

Religion is all man-made and is about Money and Control and it manipulates people.   Spiritually wounded people being Oppressed under Religion.

People are being controlled, praying for marriages with no hope, giving 10% of their income, donating extra money and time and dealing with Church demons hoping to make it into heaven. All Lies and Manipulation.  OVER WITH!

We are Spiritual not religious and are Judged by the Heart, not how long you was on your knees.  
 Here is the Word: