April 9, 2021

You are Greatness in God

You are Greatness in God
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GROW. Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

I am Encouraged.  

    I'm Sitting here thinking of my many Brothers and Sisters in God "Failed" by the Oppression of this Country and themselves and how I nearly "Failed".

       But God!  It was God who kept Me when I didn't know how to keep Me! 

I am Encouraged that others will see the Light of God and turn from the Wicked ways of the World because the Spiritual Warfare leads to Death.

I had to GROW in God over the Oppression of myself and my environment and to begin to Reach my Greatness in God.  

Yep, I was on my way here...done with the Spiritual Warfare!  But it wasn't done with me.  It will come through anyone to destroy you, one of God's own.  
Evil counts us up for Slaughter, but  #God !

#GROW over Oppression.
#ASpiritualWarfare goes through people to get to You!