Aug. 21, 2022

You are Greatness, Believe this, You are GROW

You are Greatness, Believe this, You are GROW
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

Does Color even matter
No Love does

Love has Everything to do with it

I Love 💞 and I also Care✨💝 about You 👑💯

No I don’t know you, I don’t have to Boo

but  I want you to GROW 

Let me Share with you the story of the Colored Girl who GREW Greatness Reached Everyday through Wisdom up in a Colored house for Colored People

       The Epiphany✨💝

Sow Love now I GROW


       It’s in all families, that is so True

I am ostracized 
I tried reaching over and over
Even my own Mother wants nothing to do with Me, a family member Reached for me

It was confirmed yesterday but Yesterday is a memory

I Sow Love, GROW for Tomorrow, Today
and I Love my Mother anyway

Love makes a Family I am Guided by God
God is Love

My family stopped speaking two years ago before the Podcast began
#brianhunt was the nail in the coffin, the final wedge between me and many of my family

They don’t even know GROW; because of that I did to me, they will have nothing to do with me

None of my family can tell you I have done anything to either of them but try and Love them

I wasn’t Good enough even for them 

I would be cast as The Black Sheep but the Black Sheep is also God’s💯

(Apply the Bible to your Life in Righteousness, God is watching us)

What they don’t know is that One Day the Black Sheep would GROW under God’s wing 

Psalm 91:4 to be 

       A Shepherd, To God be the Glory
from 1 to 8 Billion Sow Love here We GROW💫💞