May 2, 2021

When Love Calls; Answer

When Love Calls; Answer
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GROW  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

At one time, at one Period, 
      No one knew who Dr. King was.  Like me, he was a Minister trying to Live right and Live by God and also like ME, was no means perfect and is Not God.  He was propelled forward then by God and the NAACP.

This is God, the Beloved Ancestors, You and Me driving the train towards Righteousness and Genuine Equality.

I have reached out to them don’t have time to wait for Al Sharpton or the NAACP to call me!  I answered the call of God only a few months ago and now look at the Work of God and His Perfect Plan,  had I not, the Spiritual Warfare Would have killed me!

In remembrance to the Freedom Fighters  and Our Beloved leader Dr. Martin Luther King, a true Legend and Warrior of God;

Yes, they killed the Man but They Did Not Kill the Dream and they will Not kill the Woman who will 
    Continue the Dream 
                 Forth in God!
                            As #righteousness and #genuineequality begin to flow as a Mighty Stream!


Dr. King was doing the work of God
         when God placed the Movement in his lap.  So was I except;   I was also dealing with a #narcissist husband,  (look at the times we live in), who has since admitted in writing that he was out to get me.

#Narcissisticbehavior is a derivative of evil and is part of the #SpiritualWarfare we are GROWing over.

Narcissistic behavior has been Outed.
God is #Love.
#GROW is #abetterway in #God.