April 22, 2021

We Woke! Let’s Wake Up Everybody Else!

We Woke!  Let’s Wake Up Everybody Else!
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GROW. Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

I can’t begin to understand the Evil.  As we Journey along, remember:

No matter the clouds, the Light of God still Lifts.
Be Lifted

As the Sun Rises,
Be Lifted
Even if the sky is Gray,
the Sun will Still shine today
As You! Mighty Warrior go about your Way, I pray
to God and the Beloved Ancestors 
that you Believe; that you Know 
You are Somebody in God 
Be Lifted.

Let’s GROW!

#inspiration Always
God Always had a Plan, the Plan is #love.
Here we GROW in #God
From my #Heart To Yours and the 
#children of the World #GROW💞