Oct. 14, 2020

We were fine, The Ancestors have a message.

We were fine, The Ancestors have a message.
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We have now been in the New World 400 years, now known as the United States.  The physical enslavement is over, now we have to come out of Oppression.  We can live here in the New World in harmony with each other and all races because it is instilled in us to love, now we must forgive them and stop hurting one another. Life was beautiful and exotic in Africa before colonization. DO YOUR RESEARCH IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME.  It wasn't swamps and spears and jungles like the lies and perceptions they want you to believe.  We are an intelligent, loving and extremely spiritual race of people.  Don't hate who you are and don't deny your history because like you, it is beautiful.  The Ancestors are not at all pleased with the Oppression we have to done to ourselves and each other.  It is time to come out of Oppression and change your mindset.