March 5, 2021

We are The Many Tops

We are The Many Tops
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GROW.  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

*This begins a series on the Motown Freedom Fighters.

"Ah, ah, ah
Never you mind if I
Don't tell strangers passing by
If I don't brag
If I don't brag or boast
Click my glass and say a toast
About my love for you
How it runs so deep and true
And yet it's so
'Cause don't you know, oh
Still waters run deep
Still waters run deep
Still waters run deep
Still waters run deep," The Kings who Rose to be Legends, The Four Tops. 
Still Waters do indeed Run Deep, like my Love for you.  I shine the Light of God; Love toward You.

During travel and touring the Motown Legends were  placed indirectly in the position of being  Freedom Fighters  faced with the Evil of Racism.  This happened on the road and well as many times experiencing the shock of having their songs stolen and sung by Caucasian artists.  They were not then nor now  really given the respect that they should.

These Motown artists Like the Four Tops paved the way and carried the Civil Rights Movement through their music.  They  were Legends who Rose to their Greatness, despite the Oppression.  They fought in Love.  

These Kings  kept bellowing in love and kept trying to tell us to love.  The Four Tops explained Love to you  and give you something to think  and meditate on.
Their Love for us and Love for each other; only departed by death, demonstrates exactly how we are to be;  Love one another until physical death does us part.

The Four Tops.
True Love between these Kings,
Departed only by Death.
We will Love one another like the Four Tops, it's just More of Us Tops.