March 1, 2021

We are Not Lonely in God

We are Not Lonely in God

GROW.  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

"Yes, I am alone, yes, I'm on my own
But for the first time in my life
I'm gonna carry on, yes, I'm gonna ache
But I will not break, some things I can change....You've got a right to say good-bye, But I've got a right to take care of myself, I realize that I come first before anyone else,"  I Refuse to Be Lonely by the Queen and Legend Ms. Phyllis Hyman.  

I have thought about her often over the years.  She was such a Beautiful giving woman who seemed to pour her Heart out in song. On top of life's problems, to also realize you mean nothing to this Country.

I often wondered if she ever ran into a person with Narcissistic behavior. I am Meditating on her because a  Narcissist will make you doubt You, send you into a deep depression and cause you to give up on life. As far as the Narcissist in my life, I believe he does want help, he is just in the way.

 When you have God, you are not alone.    Nothing will break me, it will Make me!

Watch me #grow !