Nov. 20, 2022

Trauma can be so painful, it can cause you to forget it

Trauma can be so painful, it can cause you to forget it

GROW  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

New clothes, New smiles in BeLoved  Uganda 🇺🇬

I just found out today what I suffer from;
dissociative amnesia,

and yes, it does help me cope
sometimes you can forgive AND forget

Emotional or Psychological Trauma and Memory Loss

Violence, sexual abuse and other emotionally traumatic events can lead to dissociative amnesia, which helps a person cope by allowing them to temporarily forget details of the event.

The Blind tried to lead, but I could See!

When he met me I was ordained but when the preaching went to teaching about his cheating and wicked ways

He told me Paul said Shut up!
WoMen should be Quiet, Seen but not heard

He didn’t want me Preaching no mo,
Told me to Turn my back on GROW

No matter what he said, I began to ignore him, it took Two to Tango

but uh-oh
He was Right

1 Timothy 2:12
Sure enough, it’s in there, it used to puzzle me

But there is another entry, 
a little passage that didn’t quite make Biblical presses;

‘God told me to GROW’
and gave me a Mind and a Mouth to do so

Sow Love for God
God is Love

In Jesus name, John, Peter, Paul, Johnnie and them all

I’m on God’s DreamTeam to GROW, 
God told me so💫💞

GROW BeLoved Uganda 🇺🇬 

Words cannot express my Gratitude 
Ambassador Kenny, Thank you

‘They will remember You’
Make sure they remember Love from you

God is Love
Love is the backbone of all religion

Sow Love, GROW Love all over the World
To drive out hate and make the World Great

Material things dont mean anything, one day we shall Leave with nothing

We are Spirits having a Physical experience
Life is what you make it, make it Beautiful ✨💝

Sow Love here We GROW 💫💞