March 19, 2022

To SpeaK; A Purpose Driven Highway of Life

To SpeaK; A Purpose Driven Highway of Life
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

God is preparing me, 
Where once everyone and everything in The Lighthouse Shut down for recording time, 
God is preparing me for my Journey, my Purpose Driven Life; Public Speaking

I am learning to deal with distractions as they come and to work around them as I speaK, Life is all about distractions and things don’t always go Perfectly

So In this episode You shall hear my Grandson running around playing and my teenager coming in from work, normally, I would go hide from them to keep it Quiet, 

This Time I welcomed them; as We GROW, we are being prepared for our Purpose by God

What is your purpose here on Earth in God’s Kingdom,

I used to wonder that myself,
 I knew then it went beyond, Kids, and being a wife and my family, It is even beyond me;  
It is God, all about God

Sow Love, here We GROW all around the World Same Song:  Love 
    and I’m beyond ready for the Journey💫💞