April 21, 2021

To Russia, Alexei Nevalney with Love

To Russia, Alexei Nevalney with Love
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GROW. Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

“Pick a Flower, and it will surely it will die.  
Admired for its Gift to the World;  Beauty. 
 Beauty is something that is  not always Seen.
There are Many Beautiful Roses in God’s Garden, another Flower is always there, 

We (We) hold the key (Hold the key)
To the world's (The world's) destiny (Destiny)

Have you the feeling to shine your light
Usin' the power, shinin' bright
Years we've been searchin', born to be

Love is a flower, let it shine on through!

The Beautiful Queen Pamela Hutchison
           (She is the Flower🌹) sang to us in her Sweet voice with a smile that truly lit up the World!  Love is a Flower let it Shine, We Hold the Power, the Power of Love!  
Her Beautiful Spirit lives on as do the words of her Song:


As we head towards Destination up Ahead:  Greatness in God and #GenuineEquality, let us not forget that;

We truly hold the key to the World’s 🌎 #destiny!  Lets grab this moment and #GROW in #God which is #love all over the World.  Hope for tomorrow is in Us today!

Let’s begin by showing Love and Compassion.