April 3, 2021

To Love and to Forgive

To Love and to Forgive
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

The African Queen

The Beautiful African Queen is More than a Woman.  She is a Goddess as we are More than Conquerors Queens.  I birthed 5 babies naturally and I know You too have Testimonies of Faith of how God brought you through.

That's because We are Romans 8:37!  

A Beautiful Queen, a Legacy of Love, a Warrior and to be regarded Highly.  You are graced to even be in her presence.
         Treat her as Such.

 Queens, hold your head High and Walk in Royalty.  Your past is who created who you are today.  I Love you my Sisters🙏. 
 God bless you and the
           Beloved Ancestors Keep you💞