March 26, 2021

To Be Washed Anew in God

To Be Washed Anew in God
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GROW.  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

Like scary?

In the midst of Evil,
In the midst of Darkness,
Where I had no where to turn
and No one to turn to,
Not even my husband,
God was there.

As I watched Evil Spirits Manifesting themselves, 
God was there.
As I heard the disembodied Voices at the top of the Stairs,
God was there,
As I ran out of the house Screaming and crying with my shoes in my hand,
God was there.
I have lived in haunted houses ALL my adult life.  Even my Cousin asked her Mother why did ghosts always follow me, now we know, I had to GROW.

The Good Spirits are Not Resting while the Evil is up doing.  I have been and still am in touch with the other side.  You can call me a Medium, whatever, people got to label you as something.  I am really Jacqueline Hunt, Ordained Minister and Spiritual Guide... but I get Wisdom.  I had to.  I was terrified in that house.  Scroll through this Timeline and the website and you will see pictures and videos.  The Good  Spirits helped me Overcome the Evil of a Narcissistic spouse, the demons  in the house and the Oppression in my Life and created the GROW Movement.

I got rid of all of my Problems.  I don't delve in Chaos, Negativity and Drama.  I don't watch any TV except go to the news when I am directed.  I listen for Wisdom.

I will GROW in God the rest of my Highway of Life.

Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom