Nov. 24, 2020

This Highway called Life

This Highway called Life
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GROW.    Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

"The Freeway of Love" the Late Legend, The Queen Aretha Franklin.

Look at your life as it as if it were a highway.   Look at all the people who have came on at different times in your life and who left the different times in your life; all those on and off ramps, yet you still carrying on down the Highway of Life.   Look at those who are still with you on this journey called Life.   How many of those people are Oppressing you? how many of those people are you Oppressing?  How many of those people have you forgiven?  How many of those people have forgiven you?   It's time to fix your Heart and your Mindset and come out of Oppression.   It's time to stop Oppressing one another.  It's time to stop being a Backstabber.  It's time to stop getting over, it's time to live right and live  a life in honor and Glory so that you can become the  King or Queen that God has destined you to be.  Otherwise, you will die a rebel and possibly become a tormented soul.