Sept. 3, 2022

There’s nothing Better than Love

There’s nothing Better than Love
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

God is a Healer and a waymaker

You may not understand now but you Will later 

It gets Greater later

To my GROW Ambassadors

We will get caught up and ahead of the Oppression 

I have been working with these Men who are Godsends

GROW Ambassador Kennedy Lejah for God to Kenya 🇰🇪 

who once was a Street child himself, he had no one until God sent a Godsend a WoMan named Monica took him in and cared for him as her Son, She didn’t have much but she Helped propel him to Change the World around him

He has dedicated his life to Children, that’s how I met him, by his deeds for others in the Community 

We Pray it Forward in Africa
His Heart is already So Big, We have Opened our first School/ Orphanage

I call it the GROW Excellence Academy 
Cause that’s what’s GROWing in and out of it: Excellence

Ambassador Lejah is a Firefighter 

God brought us Together to GROW

GROW Ambassador Joseph Moïse for God to Haiti 🇭🇹 
Brought together way back then on this Journey and God got him still hanging in

BeLoved Haiti 🇭🇹 is suffering but GROWing to come out of it; I’m Praying

GROW Ambassador Blessed Kenny for God to Uganda 🇺🇬 

Chose , Blessed Young King; Thriving under God’s wing!  I mean He has Really Blossomed and I am So So Proud of Him

Nigeria 🇳🇬, We’re Building working through GROW is working through Several people there, who are not on Facebook
We are making Great Strides in BeLoved Nigeria, I was just there in February

GROW Ambassador Dilpreet Singh for God to India 🇮🇳, we have done a lot of work in India 🇮🇳 Together to makes things Better for others as We GROW; 
Through Dilpreet we have come together in Love for his Country; all things work for Good for those who Love the Lord, 

Dilpreet has a Heart of Gold, he’s also my  Photographer, has been from the beginning 

He just came along from God and started making Beautiful pictures of me

Yep, Scroll all the way back to the Beginning, you’ll see 

They are my GROW Ambassadors to God
God sent them to me years ago, when I began GROW on Facebook 

Before that it was Women on Track for God 
Then it was a meet up with a Narcissist #brianhunt a horrible breaK Through in a haunted house to the BreaK🚊Through to GROW for God to the World

That’s me, the GROW Ambassador for God to the World
It has All been documented on this Timeline, scroll back to the Beginning, where it all began, You’ll see

People come and People GROW

We are Overcoming Day by Day, Minute Minute Second by Second if we have to 

I’m Day by Beautiful Day
I can hear evil screaming in my ears but I see God moving,  

then I can SpeaK on God moving; Faith, Revelation to Confirmation, I see it Everyday 

Hello! GROW✨💝

Ain’t nobody told me nothing but God, God said GROW

The work we are doing, Lifting the Oppressed from Oppression 

It gets so heavy, 
Pray for Haiti 🇭🇹 , evil is super shady 

Pray for the World as the World gets Ready

God is Greater
It’s gets Greater later, we’re heading towards Later

as evils reign is not long
even iron wears out

But Iron Sharpens Iron also,

       Sow Love, GROW

We are doing it for the Children 
If you have Anything you can Spare

Sow Love here or Sow Love there
Pray it Forward to make it Better for the World for Tomorrow, Today

There are plenty of ways to GROW

GROW in Love and Pray Love Forward 

God help us
God Bless us as We