Nov. 1, 2021

There’ll Never Be a Love Greater than God

There’ll Never Be a Love Greater than God
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

There’ll Never Be a Better Love than 
The Love of God;

and through God

There’ll Never be a Better Love than the Love  the DeBarge family gave to us and the World. 

🙏🏽Tommy Debarge🙏🏽 
          A Rose is still A Rose. 

Tommy’s great grandfather immigrated to the United States from France.  They have family roots where I’m from; Illinois. 

During the of the Civil Rights Movement, the Oppression and the evil of racism of an interracial marriage took its toll. 

I’ll just leave it at that.  God is Love, God is Good and all things Good.  I Love to focus on God, the Solution not the Oppression.

The Souls are not Resting while the evil is up doing.  We are GROWing in Love and the Spirit of Tommy Debarge is with us.

There will Never Be the evil; 
it will be a Switch. There will be a New World.

The Spirits are not Resting.
Love not hate will make 
                   the World Great 

Now in 58 Countries; GROW