Jan. 17, 2022

The Sun Rises and We Set in God

The Sun Rises and We Set in God
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

We got to laugh  to keep from Crying.  The reel  popped up again today and I’m glad it did, I didn’t block anything;  I needed that laugh again.

We  shall not be a part of the Assassination  of Character. 

It is no accident that You are GROWing.

God Bless you as you GROW💫

God is a Healer Dear Kings and Queens.

 God left a natural remedy; Garlic

It’s spicy but it heals. Do not cook it, eat it raw with meals.
It has a natural antibiotic in it that can only be jarred and kept for So Long.
Trust me, It helps for a lot of things.
Colds, flus, toothache, Garlic will alleviate those ailments.

Garlic can even help with cancer. Don’t believe me? 
Look it up! Study and show yourself approved. You are a Prophet of God, GROW Forth and teach the Word: Love.

Feel Better drink lots of water, not sugary drinks like juice. You don’t need juice, eat fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. Ease off the meat, meat can block digestion. It takes days for the body to process meat.  Meat is pretty much sitting there trying to digest.  Lay off sugar also, parasites and bugs feed off sugar.  Use honey instead,

I forgot to tell you, out of all the other hats I have worn, I was three months away from a nursing degree.

No pork for me, 
Where’s the beef?  Not on my plate.  I’ve cut it down from medium well to medium Never.  

Normal blood pressure, Yes.  Sow Love I try, I know,  I want to help my body help me to be here to GROW💫💞