March 19, 2021

The Freedom Fighters Did not Fight and Die in Vain

The Freedom Fighters Did not Fight and Die in Vain
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GROW.  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

Here is Wisdom.

Yes, I am very positive all the Time.
I am no longer affected by the Spiritual Warfare.  I know the Evil has no Power.  There is a Force Greater than the Evil in this World.

In the haunted house when the Evil spirit came through my husband and told me to turn my back on the GROW Program, that I was here to serve it, I stood face to face with the evil and told it no I would not turn my back on God.  I will serve God and not evil.  The Evil then turned from me and left.  God has All Power!!!
1)  I removed myself from all Chaos, Negativity and Drama for me that includes TV.  I have to do that so I can Meditate to get the Wisdom to give to you.
2) I trust God completely.
3) I have turned completely away from the ways of the World. 

The Oppression of Life.

I am a Legend transformed by a Renewing of my Mind, so are you Kings and Queens.
Turn it over to God and let's GROW from it.