Dec. 20, 2020

The (D)evil is Evil with a D.

The (D)evil is Evil with a D.
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GROW.       Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

"He's going to pick that ROSE and watch her as she GROWs in his garden," Spanish Harlem, by the Queen Aretha Franklin.
The Ancestors put this song on my Spirit yesterday. 

Remember that Africans are Spiritual, not religious, therefore you are not bound under religious law.  For example, you already have a Battle within you of Good and Evil.  Add in Religion and Church Foolishness, Chaos, Negativity and Drama.  How are you going to Win with that?  

God.  Remove Everything else because the (D)evil is Trying to take over. 

In the church, you are trying to live up to others expectations of you and it Ain't working!  Be who You really are in God, Live in Honor and be true to yourself and your Ancestors.   This is a GROW Journey between You and God only, I am just your Guide.  Come on, Let's GROW!