April 19, 2021

The Dark Place I Went that Night

The Dark Place I Went that Night
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GROW. Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

March 18, 2021 was the date of this episode.
  This is difficult for me.  To expose a Narcissist, I have to open Deep personal wounds.  We are truly on a Journey because I was unaware that I was married to a Narcissist.

I've decided to no longer wait and allow you to see the depths of my despair two weeks ago and how  and financially devastated I was.  I was homeless with my 16 year old and at my breaking point, But God!  

I truly thought he Loved me, but his actions and sadly, all the pieces are fitting together.  It is a horrible feeling to be used and thrown away like trash and for my daughter to realize it, my young daughter, it’s So difficult.  I was going through my final and Most difficult storm.  This is a very emotional piece.  Only 3 minutes long, but the depths of my despair.

On this night two weeks ago I was at my lowest.  With permission of the Beloved Ancestors who were with me that night I recorded 3 minutes of despair. I was Not allowed to Stay there, but gently Guided back up.  The Spirits are Not resting💞.  

 This is the text I had received earlier.  Everything hit me but I had God and I had to keep GROWing!  I was on the edge but if I had gave up the Battle here I would give an Account with my Soul.  

We are GROWing.  It was YOU and the Beloved Ancestors who pulled me through, I had No one else.  Friendships and Loved ones were all driven away in the Spiritual Warfare.  I knew God was working it out and my BreaKThrough was coming and I held on by a thread, but I Held on!  Your Love, you listen to me, you’re in the Ministry, in the Movement and in the Program.  I Love you.   

I have been delivered from the evil of the Oppression and the Spiritual Warfare but the Battle itself was devastating!

God gave me Mercy because I kept Pressing on and holding on to his Unchanging hand, even though devastation and a Spiritual Warfare were all around me.  I almost lost my life, but I kept pressing on to God and holding on to God.

To marry someone and realize that they didn't love me and they only wanted to use me and then left me homeless with nothing! Domestic Violence, Emotional and physical, the police were called to my house numerous times but they would not make him Leave.  Love does not hurt.

For My husband whom I married and devoted my life to, to tell me that I meant nothing to him and then to realize I meant nothing to this Country is crumbling!  But by the Spirits  of God, I am a Warrior. 

 This too shall pass...IT HAS!!!

I Overcame, by His Spirit that Lives in Me, 
               I Made It!!
I am Blessed, happy and the tears are those of Joy at the Sight of God as we GROW from Oppression  and the Spiritual Warfare!