Feb. 23, 2021

The Coldest Day of My Life

The Coldest Day of My Life
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GROW.  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

The Beautiful Phyllis Hyman.  She said she Refuse to be Lonely but with God, you are never lonely.  I have had some very Cold days of my life.  The Coldest day, God shone his light on me and I started GROWing.  

The Coldest day of my Life but were not for the Light of God I would have died.

We are on a Spiritual walk with God; a beautiful Journey.  Learning to overcome with Love.  In this Battle we are in, the (D)evil counts us up as sheep for the slaughter.  The fight is in us but in this Spiritual Warfare, the deceit and Many tricks of the enemy will cause us to fall.  However, we are more than Conquerors in God people.  

We must Believe it ourselves.  Begin to Forgive, that includes you and begin to feel the Light of God shine on your situation.

Fix your Heart, Change your Mind and GROW.