Jan. 10, 2022

Thank you God I’m Free to be Me to GROW in God

Thank you God I’m Free to be Me to GROW in God

GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

This was how he was looking at me while I talked to my daughter last week so I snapped a picture of him.  He hated being filmed.

Yes,  It’s like something out of a Movie 🎥 🍿 and it will be💯

It’s like, She has snapped back to her old self once he 🐈 left.  

Even Bobo seems happier.  He was a little scared because I told him and showed him what the cat has been doing lately.  Creeping, Stalking, Staring, Following,(Me) the hiss and Death Stare today for me where the final straw. 

He is back where we found him at the pound where we didn’t even apply for him 🐈 

I paid for him.
Someone called and said they had a cat for us.  I had to call around all these different places till I found the correct shelter.  

That was So strange to me.  

Just like all the things he 🐈 used to do to Torment me.  

When I walk out of my room, it still feels like he’s standing there.  Even Bobo said a minute ago it feels like he 🐈 is still here.  That cat started out So so sweet, had the kids wrapped around his feet.

I began to see through him🐈, He wanted all this attention from me to distract me. I remember the first day I recorded in front of him.  He listened intently as if being quiet on purpose.  He did that that one day and then all the other days he ran around 
He began to act evil. I turn around and there he is!  Following and Stalking; 
Creeping and peeking at Me! Running past my room, Scratching and meowing if I put him 🐈 up in another room.

Here lately, Scaring me all day and All night.

At night was the worst.
 I haven’t told you all but I just want to get past him🐈. 

God Bless you and All cat lovers too.  I Love him, I’ll Love him 🐈 from a distance; I pray for him the Best! 

The money?  They can keep the money honey!  Consider it my Gift for allowing such a Beautiful cat to Lift my daughters’ Spirit so that she didn’t want to even wait until tomorrow, She was ready for him 🐈 to go.

Here is Godsip;  “She said Today” so we took him, They shed a few tears, I was trying not to drive too fast to get him there!

Love you little  dude 🐈, you need to GROW to a New altitude.  Thank you cat 🐈 in God for your Love in helping to bring my daughter back❤️!

My baby is happier now she even went to a sleepover tonight!  She has Blossomed So❤️through it all!  He refused to stay up there with her; turns out he wasn’t her 🐈 cat but he was supposed to be.  I won’t speak of him here again, he’s Gone, I’m glad! Love him, I had to Leave him;

            I can’t do him🐈. Guess what y’all?

He knew too.  He Meowed loudly all the way back to the pound.  My daughter was singing to him and he was meowing louder than her singing!

Bobo was sad, mad, glad, I was ecstatic!  

I even left the car running and ran in the Humane Society.  Please adopt a rescue🙏🏽

I left the kids and the cat in there to get started on the paperwork.  The Queen on the phone already told me what to do🥰🥰

I ran in that place for The BreaK🚊Through and to leave You know who.   It was a office full of people on a Sunday and seriously, they were looking at me like I was crazy.  

Honey, God gave me the sense of power to run in the building; 
I have to take care of me Physically, Spiritually and mentally.

  A’Lia had to park the car, lol I ran in the Pound where I got that Beautiful orange tabby clown✌🏼💫💞