July 8, 2021

Sow Love, GROW

Sow Love, GROW
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

“Rejoicing and Dancing in the Lord”

I mourn with the people of Haiti and I Rejoice in God’s Plan.  We Focus on the Solution and not the Oppression.

I am so happy to report that I have heard from GROW Ambassador to Haiti Joseph Moïse! He is safe and we are declaring Peace over Beloved Haiti like a Subsiding Ocean.

I used to Dream to get away from Nightmares.
Now, with GROW, I wake up everyday to a Dream!

I am Praying to God for my Breakthrough.  To Really Pray the Love Forward!  Material things no longer mean anything to me.  Doing the Will of God means everything to me

A King and Queen.

Two who lived in “A Colored House for Colored People.”

There used to be days where I would pinch myself thinking I was dreaming.

GROW is the Dream, Sow Love, 
here We stand 
(Hand🖐 in Hand✋🏾) ,

 with God’s Plan, 
Man to WoMan

Different Skin, 
One Love, One God  who created Us.
                        God is Love.  

I Love You!  As you  Sow  Love, Pray the Love Forward, to Each Other, 
Sister and Brother!