June 13, 2021

Sow Love and Pray it Forward in Love

Sow Love and Pray it Forward in Love
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

Here We GROW

It Rained!
I took Something Someone said was Nothing and made Something: 

Discarded to the World I was, So 
Cold, Lost and Empty.  He said no one would ever Love me, the Spiritual Warfare nearly destroyed me, I don't even know if You can feel me.

Oh, It Rained!
 I began to feel the love of God, Sow,
I began to Love myself 
I created Me!
 The real Me,
 what God sent Me to Be, 
not somebody else's Twisted Dream!

The Light of God💫
 Royalty in God
You and Me!

 I had to GROW  

The rain?
On the evil I don't  focus!
I am removed, nothing left of that but dust particles!
Through God, our Ancestors are giving  Wisdom, Blessings and Messages.
Look to God in all things
 Kings and Queens.
Turn away from the Distraction of the Attraction of the Spiritual Warfare.
Turn away from there It's trying to take you Out of here!