Oct. 19, 2021

Somebody told Me to Deliver this Message

Somebody told Me to Deliver this Message
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GROW. Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

The Message is of Love from God above.  Sow Love, here we Stand, GROWing!

Testimony time!

I’ve Loved coffee  since a child when I had to hold Momma’s cup. 

There were no cup holders in cars then and she didn’t want to use the little plastic window one.  I was the Coffee cup holder.  I sat in the Front always and My Brothers 
 in the Back!

 I used to sneak Sips of hers.

I’m tired of it now and sip more out of habit.

Mind over matter and Bladder; 

So Love, I think I Better Let it GROW; It Looks like 
Another Love TKO 🥊, Ooh hoooo Ooh.

I’m getting some help from God here. A Legend till the end his Legacy we carry Brethren.

In the Words of this King who Sang and gave us the Dreams of Love.  The Dreams of Love from God above; the Legend who’s Soul ain’t Resting.  He is an Ancestor, A Holy Spirit among us helping to drive The Movement through for the BreaK🚊Through.

No matter What You say on Teddy today, You may Think the Whole Town’s Laughting at Him; no Love, his Soul is with God.  He Loved You, we didn’t Lose such a Good thing, We have his Legacy!

Teddy always took Loves’ way.

Love is an Action Word snd he Showed us through his music.  Love: A Better Way.  He knew Two Hearts are Always Better.  Always🎶, one and one make Two 🎶 Me and You to Change the World.

Teddy was giving a Beautiful woman a Ride. 
The Spirits are not Sleep and Resting while the evil is up doing.  

This King has a message for you.

He says Wake up Everybody!  Close the Door on The Spiritual Warfare and Turn on The Lights or Light a Candle and Let Someone See the God in You. He Miss You and It feels So Good when Somebody Loves You Back and that’s a Fact.

GROW in God cause It Don’t hurt Now! 

Sow Love, Somebody Told Me to Deliver this Message!

P.S.  Look at all these Rumors surrounding Us everyday.  Rumors Lead to the Spiritual Warfare way;

It’s Gods time,

Time to Getaway
from all these Rumors.

It’s God’s Time
Sow Love , Let’s Rise!

Stop all these Rumors!
It’s Time for A Better Way


God is Moving💞