Aug. 8, 2022

Running from the (d)evil; Yes We Can; GROW

Running from the (d)evil; Yes We Can; GROW
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GROW  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

God is near to Save the Day
Trust God for a Better Way,

        >Greater than Mighty Mouse

This is the First  house where evil began to chase me
A Life of Oppression
This house in Redlands

This house was so haunted that I refuse to also be in it alone

After I heard the sound of someone fall outside my door in the hallway when I was home alone with my baby, 
That did it, I was never alone in there again
My Mother and Brother heard things

The Kids were young then, were complaining about Spirits and Loud whispering
My son couldn’t sleep, he was walking down the hallway with his hands over his ears

I would see images, visions and have dreams
I dreamed of Running with my Children
I dreamed of this Beautiful Dark house

Your  Majesty, evils Reign is not long
Trust the process, I know 

God is Love, within

       Sow Love, GROW💫💞