April 24, 2021

Rise! To Your Greatness Kings and Queens!

Rise!  To Your Greatness Kings and Queens!

GROW  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

I’m okay.  I Love you 💞

3 Near death experiences and a Life of Oppression from Myself and My environment.  So much sadness and sorrow than ran like no tomorrow.

God Kept Me and by His Spirit, 

          I can look at Me and tell You, 
 through God, the Love of God
               I am Okay and YOU will be Okay too!

   Rise!  To Your Greatness Kings and Queens!
Rise Up to God!  You are Warriors in God! 

    💞💞Here We #GROW all over the World!💞💞

The #Spiritualwarfare is behind me!
#God did it and will Do it for You!
#genuineequality will flow like a Mighty Stream because it’s  Our Dream, along with Dr. King!

Thinking of you today and each Day 
               Kings and Queens,
As we are separated by miles, on today I am thinking,
Of You, me, this Journey and how our paths crossed.
Divine Intervention; One Love and that is God.
We have the Beautiful Pearl that sat waiting to be claimed;
Let us Show the World 🌎 how to Love again!