April 14, 2021

Rise Conquerors all over the World!

Rise Conquerors all over the World!
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GROW. Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

I Love You.

I am a Legend.  I am in this World but not Of this World.  I am Transformed by a Renewing of My Mind.  I am No longer a part of the Spiritual Warfare.  I have Risen from Oppression. I had to GROW in God and now here to Guide you as a Beacon of Light to God which is Love.

As One and for All, We will Rise and Not fall! 
As we Give God the Praise upon Rising today,
whether your part of the World is Sunny or Gray, 
As we GROW in God Tomorrow, our days Here and and our Days Away,
                   GROW in #God Each and Everyday!

God Bless you and Shine his Light of Love upon You, wherever You may be on this Earth!