May 22, 2021

Rain is Love, protect your Inner Joy!

Rain is Love, protect your Inner Joy!

GROW  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

The Rain.

It Rains not to Depress you but because the Earth needs it.  The Trees we see and the Forests on which We depend that exhibit,

Every Raindrop in itself in what Precious nutrient it Contains,

Does not compare to My Love for you.
As Love is an Action word and Love is God;
Sow Love too💞

Storms will Come but as you see, the Light of God never leaves.  This too shall pass.

Love not hate will make the World 🌎 Great

Always as we press Toward #genuineequality and #righteousness, Pray Forward  #Love 💞, #Peace ✌🏼, and Soul💥