Aug. 31, 2021

Pull Through for your BreaK Through

Pull Through for your BreaK Through

GROW. Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

That Rain.


It's been a day a very emotional day.  In the process of destroying me he almost destroyed my daughter and no one seems to care but me.  

Even #brianhunt said “This ain't TV”

The lawyers and judges would not care what he did to me.  How he used a child, My Child to try to destroy me.

No Weapon!

He took my daughters love and stomped on it, he did not care who he used for his evil BreaK Through.

Judges and lawyers are people too, who do what they do because they Do care.

 No, its not TV; it's my life and my daughters life.  

The Oppression, The Rain of being married to an admitted #narcissist.  Life is about our actions.  We cannot use our life to destroy another.

It is to Lift not Oppress.

He came into the marriage with nothing, not even a car; he made sure I had nothing in the end.

As my daughter, grandson and I were in the haunted house surrounded by evil, including that of Brian
       God was there too.
Beloved Spirits that helped me through.

If We don’t stand up for ourselves, Who will?

Look at the Dalit people of India, the lowest class, the Oppressed, who are finally Rising and standing Up for themselves.  After the rape and murder of a 9 year old girl by one of the higher ups, a Priest, they have Risen up.

I too Rise from the dust for the Oppressed, now that I have beaten my own.

 I was Born to beat the Oppression of the Spiritual Warfare and through God which is Love, we can All get here;  #genuineequality and #righteousness  for all not a few.

Yes We can Lift the World through God’s Will

that which shall be done on Earth
          as it is in Heaven💫💞

The Oppression affects us all and we all can GROW over it drive the evil and hate out to make the World 🌎 Great.

In Living Color Representing All Colors -
that represent Hope💫💞