Oct. 16, 2020

Public Service Announcement: Our Children

Public Service Announcement:  Our Children
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We can't let them just go and give them a curfew o be back.  We need to know where our children are and if you are a parent you can imagine how you would feel if you can't find your child.  I have five children and I used to have anxiety attacks at Chuck E Cheese's!  When our children come up missing, they are runaways and no one but us is looking for them.  Dateline,  CBS 48 Hours and shows like them rarely to never portray anything about African Americans, God forbid a missing African American child!  The only TV show we have that highlights what is going on in the African American community is the First 48 and that's terrible.  This episode was recorded 09-2020.  How many of our babies have been recovered?  Is anyone searching for the missing?