Aug. 2, 2022

Pray till Tuesday again, We are Loved by God Almighty

Pray till Tuesday again, We are Loved by God Almighty

GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

 At work tonight, a Man, a Keeper of the Dream, 
who is a harmless local, was  screaming at no one outside the door of our place of business

There are teenagers that work there and they became frightened to leave

I went outside to let him know he was scaring the kids and I asked him why was he screaming 

He looked at me with the wild eye, and said, ‘It’s the Spiritual Warfare’

I couldn’t argue with him, it makes you wanna holla; Give God some Praise for Better Days!

There are those Souls, the pain feels too much to bear, you didn’t know You could cry that many tears 

It makes you want to Scream
It makes you want to leave here

The Unseen Battle of The Spiritual Warfare 

but God!

I remember finding out about God,
Looking out from my loneliness, my Heartache, God had me to GROW 

       Day after Day 

Let us Give Peace a Chance
Sow into Love and Joy

Drive away hate and honey make it soon
God gives his Love to Me and You

Badfinger was a touch of Gold✨💝🙏🏽