May 2, 2022

Our Galaxy; Yes, There is a God, God is amaZing

Our Galaxy; Yes, There is a God, God is amaZing
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GROW  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

It’s in the Word, then it should be in Love because the word of God is Love

Our Galaxy

They guess, they wonder, they study 
and another Study, 

then My Friend an Hypothesis; Another ‘guess’

Only a few, Venus, Mars and The Moon 
Uranus is full of Ice, no dice

Getting to Mercury, possibly, but unlikely; Radiation, too close High degree of heat 

Pluto is a No-go, it’s Too cold

Jupiter is swirling gases and liquids, too much pressure
It Rains Diamonds on Saturn but if you get one 

Saturn will sink one;
You will somehow go through its Atmosphere,

Diamonds may be a Girls’ best friend but I’ll just stay here till the end, Friend

Elon, my Brother, more Power to You✊🏽✨💝

Sow Love, how was it all Created, 

The Galaxy,
God created it and You and Me

I’m coming with the Truth and The Proof 

      in a haunted house I was Spoken to;

       They told me to GROW💫💞