April 29, 2021

Our Awakening in God and Breakthrough to A Better Way!

Our Awakening in God and Breakthrough to A Better Way!
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

NEVER, I had to stress that because I have never been this happy and this blessed before in my Life!  Now I know what all the Suffering was for.

I feel like I am truly dreaming.  Never, have I been this happy!

It is Truly an Epihany; a beautiful Awakening and Transformation!  You can have it too!

God is Blessing me daily, in abundance as I GROW forth in God.  I also have received Many testimonies from you how this Movement has helped you! I am humbled in the sight of God, truly!

Let’s keep GROWing in God.  In order for me to be able to hear the Wisdom, I had to temporarily be totally removed from the Spiritual Warfare, meaning the Spiritual Warfare has removed everyone from around me except a few close family and my babies of course!  But my kids except 1 are happily grown and gone.

In this Spiritual Warfare it goes through people and is designed to destroy You!  You have to decipher who should or should not be within Your protected Spirit.  Keep You in Control!  

Yes for every action there is a Reaction but that Reaction does not have to be Negative.

I Love you Kings and Queens!  Keep you Head up and Don’t fall for the Setups!

Get your People and tell them to #GROW in #God which is #love.  His Dream is our Dream and #genuineequality and #righteousness will flow like a #MightyStream!