Oct. 13, 2021

Opportunity is Knocking, Sow Love Answer

Opportunity is Knocking, Sow Love Answer
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GROW  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

You hear that Knocking 🚪 ?

It’s Opportunity
Open the door and make it happen for you!
Rise Kings and Queens 
You are the Keeper of the Dream!

You on the Battlefield fighting a Battle that ain’t even Yours!
It’s the Lords.   Sow Love, Give it over to God       

               and GROW💫💞


Hi this is Jacqueline with the GROW Program thank you for GROWing with me on today. I've got a lot to do, it's just one me and I've got to keep GROWing too.  Each and everyday GROWing and then there is everything that fits around GROW.  My life is a daily testimony, it is but at the same time, you know, I'm thankful that I'm able to work around me,  I am not working for nobody, besides God there is no supervisor God is the supervisor.  God is the manipulating, dominating, controlling force in my life.  Where I used to end one and begin one, I did I never was without a man but honey look God is the man God is the everything God is all I need.  I don't need none of that other foolishness  I don't care about nothing materialistic I don't care about jewelry.  Material things, cars furniture mean nothing. God is GROW and GROW is God let me tell you about GROW let me tell you about God.  Listen it's about lifting people lifting us all to the World.  What for one,  What for one what are you going to do with it first of all.  Second of all what for one to gain the world and lose his souls.  kay I'm going to tell you this God wants us to be prosperous.  God wants us to have prosperity not be boastful and not be prideful and not be selfish not be greedy not be about self.  What do you need with all that where you gonna carry all that when you leave here? You can't take all that.  I told you about the rich man who told his wife when he died he wants to be buried with all his money and she wrote him a check okay so see that's what I'm saying.  Where are you gonna take it God aint impressed by your money honey and God don't need your money/  While you are perpetrating and pretending and telling folks that God wants them to pay this nd that it about helping and lifting each other.  WE are here for one another.  We are not here to lift one to the world but to lift us all to the world . So that's why I can be so happy within me nd see the BEauty all around me.  Daily, everywhere, Beauty here Beauty there Beauty everywhere.  But also here is the Oppression  and the Spiritual Warfare, that's there too.  But see what I learned to do is turn for a better way and GROW in God each and everyday.  GROWing in God for A Better Way I got to turn this way I can't look over there.  See  I already know where I been and where some of them are trying to drag us back to.  Look, I'm GROWing in God for the BreaK Through see cause I can turn around and be a part of it too.  Aint no path  over there.  See I can see the forest for the trees Ia int got to step off in them weeds.  I see GOd got a proze up ahead.  It's just like a battle they all all out there on the battlefield it's a few of standing looking at the battle trying to get the others.  Hey look the battle ain't even your while you out there fighting. You out there fighting a losing battle,  Get over here with us and start GROWing in God.  What we do a lot of folks didn't know when you get up in the morning you seeking God you GROWing in God each and every day for A Better Way.  You got to cause if you don't you gone step off in it too and be apart of the evil breakthrough cause evil counts us up like sheep for slaughter.  Hey you over there. evil counts us up for slaughter. 

You can be all out in this and that and think you gonna get this and that.  You may come up a little but but God ain't impressed, you all about self, I got this look at the bling look at me I'm everything.  You a child of God yes but you aint here for self we are to help one another You look good and the bling look good on you but what that Heart look like how is that Soul you carrying around.  Take the shades off let me see the eyes.  The eyes re the windows of the soul you can look in a persons eyes and you can see Love.  The eyes will tell everything.  Hen made me wear shades cause the thing of it was, he put the shades so he could look at the women and I couldn't see him looking at them.  I realize that  he wanted me to wear the shades so he couldn't even look at me.  Now we GROWing in God for a Better WAy.  The Lord has revealed some things.  When I was in it I couldn't see all of that I was  fool in  Love.  I sung the song too.  I'm just going along blindly the blind lead the blind until he dre the women lines and when he started drawing the women lines then I rose up.  It's a spiritual warfare and the narcissistic behavior we getting ready to out there and some faces behind this Movement.  This is the end of the Civil rights movement and the end of Oppression and some faces are going to show up.  Brian Hunt and Bobbie Craven are faces of Oppression and how they are going around trying to break folks.  Child abuse to end.  God said suffer not the little children.  A child is full of Wisdom they come in with so much Wisdom.  You can sit and have a conversation with a child that will blow your mind!  A child is smart and can tell you some things cause my grandson gives me advice and what he has to say what he has to say to sy is important. That's how we reach the children through communication and talking to them.. See they don't have God see so I can't put him there and let him act a fool,  God was there when I was in school, we cut up  and we got paddled.  I understand they can't paddle them.  We done took God out and that is why they think they can go around slapping the teacher.  We wouldn't even look at the teacher like that.   The Oppression is affecting us all, Don't nobody want to deal with the kids.  Thank God one of my family members is going in, going in in the oppression ring getting ready to corral these kids and teach them about God.  He getting ready to be a teacher!  Glory be to God.  I am lifting us up as a people.  You can do it yes you can.  If you sit back and say I can't afford it, you probably never will.  Chances are your dreams  will just stay that, dreams.  you will be just dreaming ten  twenty years from now.  One day when I can afford it Ill do; IF yu don't make it happen who will.  you think opportunity is just goin knock okay then I will knock for you.  Opportunity open the door it just knocked on the door it just knocked its time to get up and make a move.  Air and opportunity make it do what it do, Do you;. air and opportunity all around you.  You got the motivation by His spirit, go on and make your dreams Kings and Queens go on and make it happen for you.  See when I spoke GROW and there it is.  

Companies make little mistakes I can see what they are doing and I love these people Buzzsprout cause they working with me and they are easy so I am not gonna flip flop and move around see when you find something wrong the first thing we ready to do is jump ship.  No let's help lift one another.  I like this little struggling company I see they make little mistakes I do too. Ain't nobody perfect so I will keep Lifting Buzzsprout cause they Lifting me they helping me to be GROWing and I am grateful for them.

Its just me nd I got to make it do what it do doing the Gdly thing here.  TRying to make us Rise for the BreaK Through Glory is now today and it is ours in God so we gonna keep GROWing and rising it's not about perfection but about Greatness.  Just trying each day to reach your Greatness.  Just be the best You can be for God daily.  What would God do what would want you to do How would God want you to act.  Take God over there with you.  Take God to work with you have a smile it don't matter if they don't speak to you, turn it around for God Sow Love in every neighborhood,  What you sow you shall reap so sow Love Sow  a harvest of Love for God to keep.

So keep GROWing here over the Spiritual Warfare out there don't let them take you there.  See when you walk in to work and she don't speak or he look you up and down.  See that's another thing Kings you gotta stop  doing that look them in the eyes.  Don't let the  eyes drop down and go back up.  Queens we gotta stop doing that too  This is a human being somebody I can conversate with unless they talkng crazy.  God has blessed me wit h a good mechanic and I can't even tell you how many times I have had a mechanic who didn't look me up from head to floor and not this one.  Thank God for this King and when the story comes out they are coming up too.  I lifting this and I am so grateful and thankful for this company  and they are reasonable.  They fix your car for a reasonable prize he even gave me change!  How many mechanics do you know give you change after they fix your car.  He gives you change and he is change cause you look you in your face his eyes do not drop to your chest or waist.  He keeps his eyes focus on your eyes, looking at you that's the prize.  Don't look down there aint nothing down there to see, I keep my dreams to me!  I keep everything wrapped up tied up can't see nothing,  It ain't for everybody to see, that's me.  If you want to show yours then that's yours to show But i will tell you one thing, what you sow there you shall reap.  If you go out there and sow that that is what you gonna get.  If you want a man  looking at your body that's what you gonna get one who is looking at your s and everybody else.  Now it is time ti begin to change.  Change starts within Queens.  Keep your dreams within, wrapped up.  What you sow is what  you shall reap.  I don't want a man looking at me like that everything showing.  I don't want it and don't need to to flaunt it cause you aint gone have it so why flaunt it.  It's mine and Im keeping it to myself until God tells me.  It;s time for change.  That's one thing I appreciate he did not let do Brian Hunt if I wanted to he would not let me do.  But those clothes and look like he would not let me do it, Im grateful for that wisdom.  He did give me wisdom.  He taught me how to leave people alo ne and leave him alone my own husband I had to stay in my lane in the righteous lane.  Iculd't come and see what he was doing with the women.  He said don't worry about what Im doing.  He said if you didn't pick up my phone you wouldn't know about the women.  It's been a journey and I'm just grateful because that was the last weapon that formed against me.  God wasn't going to let him prosper.  As I was at the end of my rope about to let go the Holy Spirit came to me and rose yo that Queen and she told me as I was ready  on the darkest coldest day of my life.  The Rain and the Pain, I was  crying, just crying in The Rain cause I could no longer stand the Pain  That  Queen said to me, she said "What kind of judgment would you face if you turn your back n the human race."  SO I already knew f the condemned souls in the haunted house so those tears dried up rally quickly.  I toughened up and raised up, it was time to Rise up I am not trying to face that kind of judgment.  There is a judgment beyond this world.  Soul catchers, if you even get there to get to the judge, even if you make it you not make it past the soul catchers that will condemn you back to hell back to the Earth back to the Oppression under the sun.  Ecclesiastes Chapter 4 Hell on Earth.  Rise Kings and Queens woe is not you.  Being a part of the Spiritual warfare on the battlefield fighting the battle.  You got the whole armor of God but you doing it the wrong way.  God done threw you a lifesaver bring the hip on in and let God guide you in and let God tell you when it is time to fold the sail and anchor the ship.  You've been messing up; a Ship lost in Unchartered Waters.  You can't even GROW cause you stuck in the battle and the battle ain't even yours it is the Lords  The battle belongs to God.  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom and we are going to rise all over the World.  I try to get the episodes every morning at 4 o'clock.  Y will hear from me everyday,   This is real time my testimony my life and I am moved accordingly to the spirit as the Spirit moves me.  Sometimes I oush the episode out and it don't go out  One day I pushed it out and it didn't go out till 4 that afternoon and realized the episode hadn't even went out for the day So have patience we are GROWing for a Batter Wy.  I love you if you stay in my corner, I promise you Ill make you proud.  This is  abuot us all; Lifting us all to the World.  I dedicate my life for God and  GROWing in God with you each and everyday.  This is a journey for me too,  I am not turning back there is no turning back or going back there is none of that..  I love those old songs I hear the old songs in my head but I have to hear the Wisdom.  Godly spirits touch me in music through song and give me a word for God, turn it around for God.

.Those legends are GROWing with us,  the spirits are not sleep and resting while we are over here with this evil.  I learned that.   I was not alone in a haunted house with Spiritual and physical evil.  God was with me.  God has sent Beloved Spirits to help me to lift me, when I had no one.  My own blood turned against me, Spiritual warfare in the family.  I'm grateful to God to be here to be standing here to tell you about.  I pray it is helping to Lift thee.  Collars and Robes you won't see me walking around like that.  It is the person under the roble.  My heart is the robe I wear; Love and Forgiveness.  Caring, Love and Forgiveness let's put those robes on that we are not about self, lifting others.  What do you need all of that for, what are you going to do with it:  Wh'o are you impressing you ain't impressing God and that's the one you need to be impressing.  We are all going to leave here.  I'm spiritual, I am not of a religious doctrination.  Your beliefs are what you believe and that is okay I am not trying to change no one but I want you to know God is love.  God is love and that includes everything and doctrination.  God is love.  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom.  God bless you as you GROW