March 4, 2022

Open your Heart to Love, that includes You

Open your Heart to Love, that includes You
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GROW  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

Carry  their Legacy, Celebrate Sunday
In the Name of God, Be Lifted 
Here is Wisdom 

Sweet, Sweet Memories
Of Days Gone by
                Make me Cry

Tears of Joy for God
God is Moving, 
Open your Heart to Love✨💝

My Love for People of other races and Cultures GROWs back to Childhood; they were Family.
A Love of Reading as a Child would carry me in my Mind to different Beautiful Places, 
By the Grace of God, my Voice is there, Spreading the Gospel of God

God our Father Is Love,
 We are All My Children of God; 

     The Human Race

God Bless you as You GROW 💫💞