Jan. 20, 2021

On the Underground Railroad to overcome Oppression

On the Underground Railroad to overcome Oppression
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GROW.    Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

Whatever your Religion, mine happened to be Christianity, I apply the doctrine and teaching to my life in Righteousness and I also use Jesus' words prophetically. My personal beliefs now are that Jesus was a prophet who taught Forgiveness and was not a God to pray to.  

I believe God's word in the Old Testament when it was spoken to Abraham as he said his Seed will go away and be afflicted in a Strange Land.  Now, it is 400 years later and those words are have now been prophesized and have began to come to fruition.  "They will come out with Substance," that is what was told to me by my Ancestral Spirit Queen.

 I no longer pray to Jesus or get on my knees or live under Religious Law.  I honor God and my Ancestors by living an Honorable life who in turn Bless me.  Look at the GROW Program, it is three months old and is now in 29 Countries! 

Keep GROWing on this Underground Railroad to overcome Oppression!