July 22, 2021

Nothing beats a Failure but God and a Try

Nothing beats a Failure but God and a Try
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GROW. Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

Congratulations Milwaukee Bucks
for showing us no matter how many fails you have had,
You Can Still Make It!
Keep GROWing in God!

               Chyler the cat, He is human😁🥰, he only does cute cat things when my daughter is around🥰

He is Bougie, Sweet, Nosy, 😒😂, follows me, watches and is in everything!  Don’t bring any bags in, or he’s coming to look in! Once a loud car rode by, this cat ran down the steps to jump in the Window .  

He almost tripped me though!
       Honey, I laugh and GROW!  

        When I told her All the stuff he does, he turned around and Winked 😉 at me!  I almost fell out laughing, i couldn’t believe it!
God is Good,  Chyler loves when I broadcast from the Lighthouse, he will sit and listen. 

Gods Timing.

#Chyler, descendant of the Ancient African cat which is nearly extinct, Gods creatures, Gods felines.