Jan. 10, 2021

Nothing And No one defeats Royalty

Nothing And No one defeats Royalty
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GROW.   Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom


Being that we are descendants of Royalty, I would like to purchase an African Crown to display in Honor in my studio.  As I was browsing photos, I stumbled across the following article of the largest diamond from South Africa.

Despite what you may have read or heard, Africa is one of the richest continents in the world. The people are starving because of greed and politics. These people Will have to answer for their Oppression on God's people. We are judged by the Heart.

Here, another example of Oppression:

https://face2faceafrica.com/article/how-europeans-took-the-worlds-largest-diamon d-from-south-africa-in-1906-and-made-it-the-british-crown-jewel/amp

No matter what the Battle, through God we can Win it.  We are Royalty,  Kings and Queens of Africa, descendants of the True People.

Walk in  Royalty; don't hold your head down for Nothing and No one.    Soldiers in the Army stand up straight, look the Sergeant eye to eye and You are a Soldier in the Army of God, remember that.  Much Love.