Nov. 25, 2021

No one’s gonna Love me the way I can, Nobody

No one’s gonna Love me the way I can, Nobody
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 
Just a Fool in Love
Like Tina, I can sing the song too.  I had an “Ike named Brianhunt” the #narcissist.

Here's a Sad little girl who went on a Twirl. Here I am gazing in his eyes;
He spun my World

Like a dark Twisted merry go Round
     God said to GROW

That meant for me to Love me
Momma didn't raise no fool,
       her sayings I took to school❤

He Spun and Spun, 
the #narcissist , the Tracker, and me; God on my heels, catching Me as I was about to fall.

Now, I stand Tall as The Queen I am Sam I Am I Am.

My Momma always said, "Somebody's got to have some Stopping Sense!"

I Love you Momma,
           thank you for Loving me enough to try to tell me to get off the evil Merry Go Rounds and Rounds.

 In God I'm on Solid Ground I don't need to be fixed and sound for Someone else and their twisted dreams of me..

I'm GROWing and in God its my Fairy Tale Come True!

I got something to Tell You💞