Jan. 12, 2022

Natural remedies over Medicinal; Eating Healthier

Natural remedies over Medicinal; Eating Healthier

GROW  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

MindBlowing Wisdom!  Stops the Head on, Collisions!

        Yam again🥰💝

Fresh broccoli, a little shredded Buffalo chicken rinsed well, just a little, shredded cabbage and carrots, honey, green onion, scallops, and cheese. With a half of a yam and my Raw Garlic.

Good food You make, It’s delicious. Nutritious, cost barely anything to make.  For this,  You can even use canned chicken.  This is shredded and I don’t eat a lot of chicken.  Chicken and scallops are my only meat. Meat blocks digestion.  

Help your body help You to be here.

He don’t want to eat it but eat it we Must. In God We Trust. 
They’ve been eating it for thousands of years. It can cure cancer too:

God’s antibiotic, it is Precious, it’s ingredient so Precious that Forever they can’t jar it;  Garlic.

Sow Love, GROW💫💞