Jan. 15, 2021

More on the Spirit World

More on the Spirit World
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GROW.   Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

This was taken April 2019.  I have a lot of pictures of me in front of this picture and as I was choosing one for this episode I noticed the Angel behind me and she is in All of my pictures, it is Not the lighting.  I Just Noticed this.  The Beloved Ancestors have been Watching over us and We didn't know it🥰👑.

You may not see them but they are with you, our dearly departed ones are not resting.  

The time is now to Rise from Oppression people. The time is now to move past what has happened and what is happening because we have to GROW. We have to reach our Greatness over this Oppression and through God we can make it! 

We are going to come out with Substance just Hold on and keep GROWing!