Dec. 28, 2022

Moonlit; Love is such a Beautiful thing

Moonlit; Love is such a Beautiful thing
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

The Love and Forgiveness of yourself are key

The Boldness of the Spirit
The Spirit is humble, not self absorbed nor World absorbed
Bold Love,  so much so, it is a Light to GROW 
a flame that has always been there; Resounding Light

If you say you can’t, 
Guess what?
You ain’t💯

Sow Love, Yes You will GROW💫💞

God is Love
Love is the backbone of all religion

Sow Love, GROW Love all over the World
To drive out hate and make the World Great

Material things dont mean anything, one day we shall Leave with nothing

We are Spirits having a Physical experience
Life is what you make it, make it Beautiful ✨💝

Sow Love here We GROW 💫💞